Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our baby girl and some book recommendations!

Wow! I can't believe its been almost a year since I've updated the blog. We're still in the tiny house and some days are better than others. Tiny living is definitely a big adjustment, and even though we're in our second year, of living tiny, we've still got growing pains!

I look forward to spending the next few weeks updating everyone with the goings on of the tiny house mamas! But first I will tell you the biggest thing that has happened in the last year!

We welcomed Dagney Elizabeth RJ on August 19, 2016! This date also just happens to be my birthday so I was thrilled! Dagney has been a shining happy girl in our lives! We can't imagine life without her! Having a baby after loss is a different experience but we're so grateful for her! I will let you know this little ladies birth story soon, I'll give you a hint though: It happened in the tiny house! She will be 8 months on the 19th! Time goes by so fast! 


Isn't she grand?!? She's not quite crawling but she's still a mover and a shaker! She is a ferocious eater and will swipe food of your plate in a heartbeat!  In the last few weeks we've been sleep training her which is kind of laughable in the tiny house but it seems to be working!

 Instead of blogging I spent most of my free time in 2016 reading 53 books. I will say that about 40 of these were read before Dagney was born! They are predominantly all fiction with a few memoirs sprinkled in! One day I'll make a post with all of the books I read but for now I'll list my top 3!

Small Great Things-Jodi Picoult
Jodi Picoult is my favorite author. I love almost everything she writes! The thing I love the most about her is that she'll often write fiction books surrounding hot topics! This novel covers racism, classism, and sexism. She's also written a novel about Lesbian/Gay issues. She writes with such immense knowledge. She does a lot of research while writing her novels and it shows!

Mindy Kaling- Why not me?
Mindy Kaling is funny without trying too hard. I read her first book and loved it too! I find her honesty so refreshing! It was a good book to just veg out and read! I love that she's such a Boss Woman!

11/22/63-Stephen King
This was probably my first Stephen King novel, as least as far as I can remember! Their is a Hulu series of the same name based on this novel. I haven't seen it yet, although I'm one of those people that always likes the book better anyways! The general idea of this book is that a man is going back in time to try and prevent the JFK assassination . There is a lot of things that can happen when you mess with the past and this novel outcomes a lot of those possibilities. I enjoyed this book a lot. It's really long but I enjoyed that because it was such a good story and it lasted forever!

I'll update with some more info in the next couple weeks!

xoxo Gwen



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  1. Welcome back to blogging, Gwen! I love reading your updates on IG and hearing more on your blog all about life with two babies in that cute tiny house of yours!