Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nowhere to Go

Life at the tiny house is a little chaotic to say  the least.

Iver found the pancake mix and brought it to our bed and decided to "make" pancakes. I was resting with one eye open but not open enough apparently!

This time of year is always a little crazy as Tove finishes up the school year and Volleyball starts up again. The little bursts of sunshine make our family crazy. Just when we feel like we're on a good stretch of eating outside, park trips in the evening, and weekends at Grandmas Lake.

The Pacific Northwest Rain always rears its ugly head again!

 I think there comes a time in every parents life when they realize they are no good if they cant get a moment to themselves. That is me tonight. There is nowhere in the tiny house to go. No doors to close, no office to relocate to, no garage to hang out in. When Tove got home today I left. Out the door before she had even gotten her shoes off. It was my alone time tonight and I was ready to go.
I took the car to the car wash, had some delicious chicken teriyaki and am now sitting quietly in the library. I'm really a party animal I know! But boy breathing and just being you feels so good sometimes!
I am thankful for my wife for giving me time to be on my own and relax. In a few hours I'll start to miss my little family and I will head home to hugs and kisses. When I walk through that door I'll be a hundred times better than I was when I left. Taking ME time is crucial and I'm glad Tove will get her chance Friday night!


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