Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Bathroom

Our bathroom is actually bigger  than any other bathroom we've ever had. The bathroom is my least favorite space in the house. We haven't had a chance to really decorate it or anything and it seems like a lot of wasted space that I wish we could trade for more living area! Theres a washing machine/dryer, full size tub, and a dresser with room to spare. 
When we first moved into the house my clothes were in the large drawer in the living room. Once we got pregnant again, we knew eventually we'd have to move my stuff elsewhere. Once again, Ikea saves the day! 
We love this dresser! It was very inexpensive and the drawers slide out nicely! When the weather warms/drys up my plan is to stain it to match the other wood in the bathroom.
The hanging clothes are Tove's work clothes. Her casual clothes and pajamas are in our bedroom but this is the only hanging rod  in the house so her work clothes live here.

Our washing machine/dryer combo is amazing! I love it so much, I might do a whole post on my love for this machine! 
It fits about 1/2 the size of a regular load of laundry and you set it to wash and dry. In three hours you've got freshly cleaned and dry clothes! Three hours seems like a lot of time but I set it in the morning before we head out for an activity and when we get home for nap the laundry is ready to fold! We do at least one load a day plus diaper laundry every other day and we've loved it so far! 
The snazzy shelf it's on is a new addition to the bathroom. My father in law and his brother made it for us and now we've got some great storage under the machine. As a tall person I love not having to bend over to put the laundry in the machine! 

The tub is a galvanized tub with the two sprayer shower. When we purchased this house I really wanted a tub and this seemed so perfect! It's actually turned out to be pretty impractical! It's pretty deep and it's hard for even me to get into. Iver and pregnant Tove have a lot of trouble!  For the first four months that we lived here our hot water did not work in the shower so this basically sat collecting dust! Shout out to our moms for letting us bathe at their houses all the time! Since the hot water in the shower is working now, we do enjoy the shower but the tub takes up a lot of space and with no light fixtures in the middle of the room it's dark in there with a shower curtain. So right now we're just using a clear liner. Obviously that'll change but we're thinking of what exactly we want to change with the whole set up anyway! 
 Next to the tub is our compost toilet! A whole separate post for that will be happening. I'll let you know that surprisingly this hasn't been as bad as we thought! The shelves above the toilet were baskets bought from Ikea (of course) and then we stained them and hung them up! I really like the storage that they've given us. I'll point out that the only thing on those shelves that belongs to Tove is the moisturizer and the mascara! I take up a lot of bathroom space!

The biggest eyesore in the bathroom is this sink cabinet. It's nice quality wood and very sturdy. But aesthetically it looks cheap to me! I am also hoping to stain this as well but I'm not sure that will help it!  Tove made the little industrial pipe toilet paper holder! 

The bathroom has a lot of space but right now its being used for Iver's bedroom! He has a nicely decorated and comfy loft but he prefers to sleep in the Pack and Play. He was still in a crib when we moved out of our house and there isn't enough room for it here. We've tried the bedroom but he isn't into it. He sleeps wonderfully and we're in no hurry to change it! We assume the baby will sleep with us the first couple of months and then will probably be in the pack and play whenever they're ready to sleep on their own.  This summer when T's out of school we will really get working on transitioning him.  But for now this is what the bathroom usually looks like! 

He even kicks us out of it when its time to sleep! 
 Thanks for checking out our bathroom!