Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Who are we?
We are a two mama family living in our tiny home on our Grandmothers property! 

Mama-(curly hair) 
I am a stay at home mom who does a little crafting and nannying on the side! I enjoy reading, learning new crafts, and spending time with my family! Most of my days are spent hanging out with my little guy and experiencing all the kid friendly things our city has to offer. I have one day a week where Bug goes to care and I work on house projects, crafting, or blogging. I sometimes sneak in a coffee or lunch date with a friend! 
Mommy -(Bio Mom)
High School Teacher that coaches volleyball. She is the carrier of all our babies. T works full-time and is a great provider for our family. 100% vegetarian for the last 12 years except for a few times when the babies have needed meat! 

The feistiest two year old! Bug is a great little guy who talks a lot! He spends his days playing with play-dough, reading, wrestling and going on trips with Mama! He loves dinosaurs and chocolate.  He's never met a Grandma that he didn't love! He is our sweet boy and we are forever grateful for him! 

Apple and Button
Our two girls born at 21 weeks gestation on March 24th, 2015. Our lives changed overnight and we miss them terribly. 

Tiniest Baby P
Baby P is currently growing in T's stomach. Due to arrive in August 2016, we are hopeful for a healthy little one! 


  1. Where do you have your tiny house (like did you buy property or live in a tiny home community?)

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    We live on some families property in town!