Tuesday, February 2, 2016

All the Questions

Being a family with a toddler and a baby on the way we got a lot of questions about going tiny. 
-Why live in a tiny house?
-Won't your kid miss all of his toys?
-When will you have private time?
-Where will the new baby go?
-How does Bug like it?
-How much did it cost?
-What did you do with all your stuff?

And so many more. I love answering questions because it really helps get the word out that living tiny is not bad! 

The biggest reason we decided to live in a tiny house is because we wanted to live financially free. We have been together for almost 13 years and haven't always made the best financial decisions. When we were in college we rung up almost eight thousand dollars in  credit card debt. About six years ago T's Grandma paid it all off (we paid her back)  and we closed all of our credit cards. Since then we have lived credit card debt free. The only debt we have now  is student loans,one car loan, and the tiny house.  This really made us think about what we wanted to teach our son about money. We really want to instill in him the value of saving your money and using it to experience life instead of  purchasing things. 

Bug does not seem to  miss any of the tons of toys that we had to get rid of when we moved into the tiny house. He has about three baskets full of items. He has toys, stuffed animals, art supplies, and books. Most importantly his Mamas are here and for now that's all he needs! He also spends time at friends houses, Grandparents, aunties and goes to play areas in our  city. He has plenty of things to play with and really enjoys the outdoors! 

Right now with a pregnant wife and a Toddler I'm not sure how much private time  I would be happening if I lived in a tiny house or not! We each communicate when we need a break and one of us will leave and go get that alone time or take Bug out so the other can have alone time at the house.

The new baby will sleep with us in our loft for now and then hopefully by the time baby is ready to sleep on his/her own Bug will be in his loft. Currently he sleeps in a Pack and Play in the bathroom. 

Our tiny house cost almost 40,000 with addition of the compost toilet and moving costs. We got a great deal but since we bought it our builder has disappeared off  of the face of the earth. Don't ever pay someone until all things are finished. That's a hard lesson we've learned. I'll talk more about that later. 

It's probably one of the questions were asked about most often. We got rid of a lot. We gave away a ton, donated some, and sold a lot. We were able to use the money from the stuff we sold to purchase a new mattress when we moved into the tiny home. It's oddly liberating getting rid of so much stuff. 

Any other questions that you'd like answered about living Tiny?

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