Monday, February 8, 2016

All about the Living Area

Hello! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog, I'm so excited to share with you all how living in a tiny house works for our family!  I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks going through each space/room in our tiny house! Lets start with whats going on right on the other side of the front door! 
When you walk into our tiny house the first thing that you walk into is the living room area. This is our main living space. This is where meals are eaten,  where we play with play-dough, and where the dog hangs out at. Have I not mentioned our ninety pound Rottweiler, Gilmore?!? He is almost 10 years  old, we've had him since he was a puppy!

The living area is basically the heart of our home! 

Our living room consists of our built in tiny couch, built in storage, our television, and the electric fireplace. 

We use the storage on the side of the couch for Iver's things. He easily has twice as much stuff in our house than we do. He's got a few toys in the storage but downstairs is where we keep his art supplies, play-dough, and the library books.

 There's also a little cupboard on the top that at the moment keeps the extra sheets for our beds and is sort of a random catch-all messy place. 

Underneath the couch is two large drawers. One of the drawers has ALL of Iver's clothes! This kid use to have a 9 drawer dresser all to himself. I may have had a bit of a problem buying him clothes. They're just so cute. Granted this drawer is really large but the amount of clothing he has now has diminished drastically since we've moved into our tiny house. The other drawer is empty at the moment but we will put Baby P's clothes in there as we acquire them. 

The two gray storage ottomans  are for storing diapers (they also double has seats when we have guests). We cloth diaper and then use disposables at night so there is plenty of storage in those baskets. One of them only has newborn cloth diapers in them at the moment for the littlest. The middle basket is where Tove and I put our purses. Right now there is really no great place to put our coats and purses that we use everyday without the house seeming cluttered so we are able to at least get the purses out of the way when we get home. Still working on the coat situation!

The television and the electric fireplace are both mounted onto the wall. The fireplace heats our tiny house just fine! It actually gets pretty warm so we usually have it on the lowest setting. Luckily the  front does not get hot so it's safe for Iver to touch.

Our television is a tad large for the tiny house but it was a gift so we kept it and it works. It's also a bonus that it can be turned towards each loft and we can watch movies in bed! We are still working on a neater way to store the wires for the fireplace and television. Right now they are eyesores but we can't agree on the best way to clean it up. Tove does not want to put anymore holes in the wall.

In the main living space, we have to store the ladder that goes up to Iver's loft. In the pictures it sort of floats between in front of the couch and against the wall. This is pretty much how we live with it as well. When we were looking for a tiny house, we definitely thought that would be a nuisance but we've gotten use to it pretty quickly.

We've also got the stairs/storage going up into the main loft in the living area. Having stairs up to one of the lofts was really important to us. We knew carrying up children to snuggle in bed would be hard with a ladder so we were thrilled this one had storage stairs! We had the builder build the railing out of industrial pipe. We really like the touch that added! I am in love with the gallery wall and I am constantly trying to figure out how I can add more !!

Next to the stairs is the front door and above that is our shoe baskets. We have a shoe problem. I love shoes and so does Tove. When we moved into our tiny house we probably easily got rid of fifty pairs of shoes between the two of us. We've paired it down to about five pairs each but as you can see mine stick out of the top. I may have a pair of boots in the trunk of my car as well.

The living room space works out pretty well for us! We made the curtains and I added the privacy film onto the front door. We really like how it turned out but are still trying to figure out a couple storage solutions so it can look a little cleaner/less cluttered! 

I'll be talking about the kitchen in the next post. Thank you for reading my blog! Please follow for the latest updates and like my FB page! 


  1. I love your blog! Here's an idea for the cords:
    In the pic it does show a screw, but you could also use a heavy duty tape to connect the backside to the wall. We have this for our home and it really does help clean up the space.

    1. Thanks for the idea! I think we could make that work!

  2. Love your tiny house! Not sure I'd fit my craft supplies in never mind anything else! So lovely to meet you and your family xx

  3. Love your tiny house! Not sure I'd fit my craft supplies in never mind anything else! So lovely to meet you and your family xx

    1. Thanks Danielle! I'll show how I store our sewing supplies and stuff in a few weeks! Thanks for reading!

  4. I have so much respect for people who are living in tiny homes. I personally don't think I can do without more space actually. But I think that a mobile home might really something different that I should try once in my life. I've got a bit of an adventurer's spirit threatening to unleash itself soon, so perhaps I can start looking into the idea, starting from your blog!

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