Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nowhere to Go

Life at the tiny house is a little chaotic to say  the least.

Iver found the pancake mix and brought it to our bed and decided to "make" pancakes. I was resting with one eye open but not open enough apparently!

This time of year is always a little crazy as Tove finishes up the school year and Volleyball starts up again. The little bursts of sunshine make our family crazy. Just when we feel like we're on a good stretch of eating outside, park trips in the evening, and weekends at Grandmas Lake.

The Pacific Northwest Rain always rears its ugly head again!

 I think there comes a time in every parents life when they realize they are no good if they cant get a moment to themselves. That is me tonight. There is nowhere in the tiny house to go. No doors to close, no office to relocate to, no garage to hang out in. When Tove got home today I left. Out the door before she had even gotten her shoes off. It was my alone time tonight and I was ready to go.
I took the car to the car wash, had some delicious chicken teriyaki and am now sitting quietly in the library. I'm really a party animal I know! But boy breathing and just being you feels so good sometimes!
I am thankful for my wife for giving me time to be on my own and relax. In a few hours I'll start to miss my little family and I will head home to hugs and kisses. When I walk through that door I'll be a hundred times better than I was when I left. Taking ME time is crucial and I'm glad Tove will get her chance Friday night!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Bathroom

Our bathroom is actually bigger  than any other bathroom we've ever had. The bathroom is my least favorite space in the house. We haven't had a chance to really decorate it or anything and it seems like a lot of wasted space that I wish we could trade for more living area! Theres a washing machine/dryer, full size tub, and a dresser with room to spare. 
When we first moved into the house my clothes were in the large drawer in the living room. Once we got pregnant again, we knew eventually we'd have to move my stuff elsewhere. Once again, Ikea saves the day! 
We love this dresser! It was very inexpensive and the drawers slide out nicely! When the weather warms/drys up my plan is to stain it to match the other wood in the bathroom.
The hanging clothes are Tove's work clothes. Her casual clothes and pajamas are in our bedroom but this is the only hanging rod  in the house so her work clothes live here.

Our washing machine/dryer combo is amazing! I love it so much, I might do a whole post on my love for this machine! 
It fits about 1/2 the size of a regular load of laundry and you set it to wash and dry. In three hours you've got freshly cleaned and dry clothes! Three hours seems like a lot of time but I set it in the morning before we head out for an activity and when we get home for nap the laundry is ready to fold! We do at least one load a day plus diaper laundry every other day and we've loved it so far! 
The snazzy shelf it's on is a new addition to the bathroom. My father in law and his brother made it for us and now we've got some great storage under the machine. As a tall person I love not having to bend over to put the laundry in the machine! 

The tub is a galvanized tub with the two sprayer shower. When we purchased this house I really wanted a tub and this seemed so perfect! It's actually turned out to be pretty impractical! It's pretty deep and it's hard for even me to get into. Iver and pregnant Tove have a lot of trouble!  For the first four months that we lived here our hot water did not work in the shower so this basically sat collecting dust! Shout out to our moms for letting us bathe at their houses all the time! Since the hot water in the shower is working now, we do enjoy the shower but the tub takes up a lot of space and with no light fixtures in the middle of the room it's dark in there with a shower curtain. So right now we're just using a clear liner. Obviously that'll change but we're thinking of what exactly we want to change with the whole set up anyway! 
 Next to the tub is our compost toilet! A whole separate post for that will be happening. I'll let you know that surprisingly this hasn't been as bad as we thought! The shelves above the toilet were baskets bought from Ikea (of course) and then we stained them and hung them up! I really like the storage that they've given us. I'll point out that the only thing on those shelves that belongs to Tove is the moisturizer and the mascara! I take up a lot of bathroom space!

The biggest eyesore in the bathroom is this sink cabinet. It's nice quality wood and very sturdy. But aesthetically it looks cheap to me! I am also hoping to stain this as well but I'm not sure that will help it!  Tove made the little industrial pipe toilet paper holder! 

The bathroom has a lot of space but right now its being used for Iver's bedroom! He has a nicely decorated and comfy loft but he prefers to sleep in the Pack and Play. He was still in a crib when we moved out of our house and there isn't enough room for it here. We've tried the bedroom but he isn't into it. He sleeps wonderfully and we're in no hurry to change it! We assume the baby will sleep with us the first couple of months and then will probably be in the pack and play whenever they're ready to sleep on their own.  This summer when T's out of school we will really get working on transitioning him.  But for now this is what the bathroom usually looks like! 

He even kicks us out of it when its time to sleep! 
 Thanks for checking out our bathroom! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Kitchen

Our kitchen is small but truly has everything we need. 
It has appliances that are about 75% the size of traditional ones. We are able to cook and store food just fine for our little family! 

We mostly store food on the top shelf of the lazy susan! I love the lazy susan! I feel like it never gets full! No matter how much we put in there, theres still more room!  The bottom shelf of the lazy susan houses our pots and pans. 

The one cupboard on the top stores all of our dishes, storage containers, and baking supplies. It's very deep so our kitchen items fit well! 

We store our spices on the shelves that we had built above our oven. They are pretty deep as well so we are able to store dry pasta up there as well! 

One of the downsides to our kitchen is that there are no real drawers for silverware. We ended up using Mason Jars and ikea containers to store our cutlery on the counter, it's worked out well! 

The two drawers we do have are baskets. They store our kitchen towels and Iver's dishes in the bottom. I love having dishes for Iver that he can easily reach! He can grab a bowl and a snack and bring it to me to pour! It's such a mommy win for me! 

Our stove is propane and heats things up really HOT on both the stove top and in the oven. We're still trying to figure out how to adjust the propane levels, so for now we can't do any baking in our oven or cook anything on the cooktop that needs to cook on low and slow! We eat a lot of stir-frys, tacos, pasta, and salads so we're able to cook what we need for now. We also have room for a small toaster oven to cook toast and warm up food.  Our goal is to figure it out soon because Tove really loves to bake during her second trimesters! 

The biggest thing I'd love to change in our kitchen is the countertops. They are made out of laminate and I hate them. They are so cheap feeling in what is a nicer kitchen! 

Our kitchen is working wonderfully for our little family right now but I am hoping to do some upgrades in the future! 

Thank you for reading my blog! I'd love if you would share it and follow it as well! 

Thank You! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dear Iver

photo credit: k. Kelly photography

Dear Iver, 
Right now you are the sweetest, funniest, feisty, and loving two year old! 
As a parent I spend an unreal  amount of time worrying about the ways that we're raising you and wondering if we're doing it right.  Society always judges parents and wants to make them think they are doing things wrong. Your mom and I haven't cared what people think for a long time but becoming a parent seemed to change that for me. 
Living tiny was a decision that we made for our family pretty quickly amongst a lot of heartache. While I hope you don't remember the sadness and pain that swept through our family like a tornado, I do  hope that  you remember the love that was there for you during that time.
beach trip the summer after the girls passed

 I don't think you'll recall the playroom that  was narrowed down to two boxes of toys, but I hope you'll remember the special reasons we kept the things we did. 

view from the master loft

 I don't think you'll have any memory of the room we so lovingly created and decorated for you before you were born, but I hope you'll remember the snuggle sessions you had with your mamas in the tiny house. 
first time in the tiny house bed

As you continue to grow up in our tiny house, I am aware that the space you have will become smaller and smaller to you as you become a young adult. We plan to give you your space when and how you need it. 
We will figure out a way to  adjust our living so that everyone in our family is content. 
park days with friends

You don't know it now but the days that I spend with you are only possible because we live tiny! Spending these young years with you and hopefully your younger sibling is possible because we have less space and less bills to worry about. I am so lucky to be able to spend this time with you. 
Right now I know this is the best decision we could have ever made for our family. Losing your sisters was something that shocked me to the core. Moving into our tiny house has given our family a place to start healing and a fresh start. 
days with mama

I hope when you're old enough to understand why we chose to live tiny,  that you will agree that we made the best decision. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

All about the Living Area

Hello! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog, I'm so excited to share with you all how living in a tiny house works for our family!  I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks going through each space/room in our tiny house! Lets start with whats going on right on the other side of the front door! 
When you walk into our tiny house the first thing that you walk into is the living room area. This is our main living space. This is where meals are eaten,  where we play with play-dough, and where the dog hangs out at. Have I not mentioned our ninety pound Rottweiler, Gilmore?!? He is almost 10 years  old, we've had him since he was a puppy!

The living area is basically the heart of our home! 

Our living room consists of our built in tiny couch, built in storage, our television, and the electric fireplace. 

We use the storage on the side of the couch for Iver's things. He easily has twice as much stuff in our house than we do. He's got a few toys in the storage but downstairs is where we keep his art supplies, play-dough, and the library books.

 There's also a little cupboard on the top that at the moment keeps the extra sheets for our beds and is sort of a random catch-all messy place. 

Underneath the couch is two large drawers. One of the drawers has ALL of Iver's clothes! This kid use to have a 9 drawer dresser all to himself. I may have had a bit of a problem buying him clothes. They're just so cute. Granted this drawer is really large but the amount of clothing he has now has diminished drastically since we've moved into our tiny house. The other drawer is empty at the moment but we will put Baby P's clothes in there as we acquire them. 

The two gray storage ottomans  are for storing diapers (they also double has seats when we have guests). We cloth diaper and then use disposables at night so there is plenty of storage in those baskets. One of them only has newborn cloth diapers in them at the moment for the littlest. The middle basket is where Tove and I put our purses. Right now there is really no great place to put our coats and purses that we use everyday without the house seeming cluttered so we are able to at least get the purses out of the way when we get home. Still working on the coat situation!

The television and the electric fireplace are both mounted onto the wall. The fireplace heats our tiny house just fine! It actually gets pretty warm so we usually have it on the lowest setting. Luckily the  front does not get hot so it's safe for Iver to touch.

Our television is a tad large for the tiny house but it was a gift so we kept it and it works. It's also a bonus that it can be turned towards each loft and we can watch movies in bed! We are still working on a neater way to store the wires for the fireplace and television. Right now they are eyesores but we can't agree on the best way to clean it up. Tove does not want to put anymore holes in the wall.

In the main living space, we have to store the ladder that goes up to Iver's loft. In the pictures it sort of floats between in front of the couch and against the wall. This is pretty much how we live with it as well. When we were looking for a tiny house, we definitely thought that would be a nuisance but we've gotten use to it pretty quickly.

We've also got the stairs/storage going up into the main loft in the living area. Having stairs up to one of the lofts was really important to us. We knew carrying up children to snuggle in bed would be hard with a ladder so we were thrilled this one had storage stairs! We had the builder build the railing out of industrial pipe. We really like the touch that added! I am in love with the gallery wall and I am constantly trying to figure out how I can add more !!

Next to the stairs is the front door and above that is our shoe baskets. We have a shoe problem. I love shoes and so does Tove. When we moved into our tiny house we probably easily got rid of fifty pairs of shoes between the two of us. We've paired it down to about five pairs each but as you can see mine stick out of the top. I may have a pair of boots in the trunk of my car as well.

The living room space works out pretty well for us! We made the curtains and I added the privacy film onto the front door. We really like how it turned out but are still trying to figure out a couple storage solutions so it can look a little cleaner/less cluttered! 

I'll be talking about the kitchen in the next post. Thank you for reading my blog! Please follow for the latest updates and like my FB page! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Details

Our tiny house on wheels!
Our house is 300 sq. feet, 200 on the main living area and then 100 in the two lofts.
We live in the Pacific North West and are parked on our families property. 
I'll talk more about the indoors in the next  couple of days. 

All the Questions

Being a family with a toddler and a baby on the way we got a lot of questions about going tiny. 
-Why live in a tiny house?
-Won't your kid miss all of his toys?
-When will you have private time?
-Where will the new baby go?
-How does Bug like it?
-How much did it cost?
-What did you do with all your stuff?

And so many more. I love answering questions because it really helps get the word out that living tiny is not bad! 

The biggest reason we decided to live in a tiny house is because we wanted to live financially free. We have been together for almost 13 years and haven't always made the best financial decisions. When we were in college we rung up almost eight thousand dollars in  credit card debt. About six years ago T's Grandma paid it all off (we paid her back)  and we closed all of our credit cards. Since then we have lived credit card debt free. The only debt we have now  is student loans,one car loan, and the tiny house.  This really made us think about what we wanted to teach our son about money. We really want to instill in him the value of saving your money and using it to experience life instead of  purchasing things. 

Bug does not seem to  miss any of the tons of toys that we had to get rid of when we moved into the tiny house. He has about three baskets full of items. He has toys, stuffed animals, art supplies, and books. Most importantly his Mamas are here and for now that's all he needs! He also spends time at friends houses, Grandparents, aunties and goes to play areas in our  city. He has plenty of things to play with and really enjoys the outdoors! 

Right now with a pregnant wife and a Toddler I'm not sure how much private time  I would be happening if I lived in a tiny house or not! We each communicate when we need a break and one of us will leave and go get that alone time or take Bug out so the other can have alone time at the house.

The new baby will sleep with us in our loft for now and then hopefully by the time baby is ready to sleep on his/her own Bug will be in his loft. Currently he sleeps in a Pack and Play in the bathroom. 

Our tiny house cost almost 40,000 with addition of the compost toilet and moving costs. We got a great deal but since we bought it our builder has disappeared off  of the face of the earth. Don't ever pay someone until all things are finished. That's a hard lesson we've learned. I'll talk more about that later. 

It's probably one of the questions were asked about most often. We got rid of a lot. We gave away a ton, donated some, and sold a lot. We were able to use the money from the stuff we sold to purchase a new mattress when we moved into the tiny home. It's oddly liberating getting rid of so much stuff. 

Any other questions that you'd like answered about living Tiny?


Who are we?
We are a two mama family living in our tiny home on our Grandmothers property! 

Mama-(curly hair) 
I am a stay at home mom who does a little crafting and nannying on the side! I enjoy reading, learning new crafts, and spending time with my family! Most of my days are spent hanging out with my little guy and experiencing all the kid friendly things our city has to offer. I have one day a week where Bug goes to care and I work on house projects, crafting, or blogging. I sometimes sneak in a coffee or lunch date with a friend! 
Mommy -(Bio Mom)
High School Teacher that coaches volleyball. She is the carrier of all our babies. T works full-time and is a great provider for our family. 100% vegetarian for the last 12 years except for a few times when the babies have needed meat! 

The feistiest two year old! Bug is a great little guy who talks a lot! He spends his days playing with play-dough, reading, wrestling and going on trips with Mama! He loves dinosaurs and chocolate.  He's never met a Grandma that he didn't love! He is our sweet boy and we are forever grateful for him! 

Apple and Button
Our two girls born at 21 weeks gestation on March 24th, 2015. Our lives changed overnight and we miss them terribly. 

Tiniest Baby P
Baby P is currently growing in T's stomach. Due to arrive in August 2016, we are hopeful for a healthy little one!